Every year, throngs of pastry lovers celebrate Fastnacht Day. This annual tradition has it's roots in Pennsylvania Dutch heritage and can be traced back to Germany.

The basic idea is to stock up on sweet treats before Lent begins. Lent is a traditional fast for the forty days leading up to Easter. At Zig's Bakery and Café, we are already in the throes of providing enough sweet, local goodness to keep your belly full until you sit down for Easter dinner.

Fastnachts are crispy on the outside and light on the inside, similar to a donut, but not quite as sweet. There are three basic types of fastnachts – one made with yeast, one with baking powder and one made with potatoes. 

If you've never tried a fastnacht, we feel certain that you'll love the light airy flavor! After all, we are a bakery located in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country, so our version of this treat is perfectly palatable and authentic. 

Regardless of which you prefer, we can all agree that Fat Tuesday is something to get excited about. Bring a dozen (or two) to your office and share the tradition!